Arima-onsen is the one of Japan's oldest, with Dogo Onsen (Ehime) and Shirahama Onsen (Wakayama). Many documents since the 8th century AD mention this onsen.

According to these documents, among the many visitors to Arima Onsen are Gyoki (行基), a charismatic Buddhist monk in the 7th century, and Ninsai (仁西), another monk in the 12th century. Ninsai was said to greatly admire Arima Onsen and helped develop it. Hideyoshi Toyotomi visited this onsen several times in the 16th century.

In the end of Edo-period, Here are so many visitors and that street scene called “Arima-sengen”and staying ryokan, in the otherhands shops are wellcomed guests in ther 2nd floor, that called”Koyado”.

We are small and simple style ryokan, please enjoying your staying Arima-onsen.Also we would like to use “Onsen”some place.

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